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10:35 PM
First Look / Guide on Account Transfer
So Ninja saga released this new feature called Account Transfer and since so many questions are popping up i decided to make this video, if you guys have any more questions ask them in the comments below, because i think i can answer them..

Basically this is what it is,

You can transfer your ninja saga character(s) from 1 fb to another
You can not transfer just 1 char
To send an account it will cost you no money
To recieve an account it will cost you another 20$ 
For a complete swap.. thats 40$ ( 20$ per person )
This shit is not worth it.. 
You wont have to worry about scamming however the reciever must pay to take the accounts
If you recieve an account, you will lose your current account
If you send an account, you will have to start from scratch 

and there you have it guys..

my job here is done.. 

im fabulous.. now GTFO! xD 

(pce) love ya all~
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