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GuideOrigami Panda Skills

siaxlis kvemot video da yvelaferi pandas sheaxeb !
Hey Ninjas,

Origami Panda is the sakura event pet, we’re probably all wondering about its skills. I ran out of crystal and heart of kari, therefore I couldn’t train all the skills, so I’m sorry I couldn’t make a video about the pet. But anyways here’s its skills:

Level 1 – Attack: Pets basic attack

Level 5 – Yun and Yang: Recover masters HP 4% (2 turns)

Level 10 - Chakra Harmony: Recover master 300 CP

Level 15 - Nayami Soujiki: Remove all negative effects on master (purify)

Level 20 - Gourd Protector: Reduce damage to master by 5% (3 turns)

Level 30 - O-Daiko: Increase master’s attack damage by 6% (3 turns)

WOWOWOW, this is the best non-token non-emblem pet I have seen so far. Free users will absolutely love this pet. Great healing plus good purify and buffs. Pretty happy at this pet, might actually consider using it.
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