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ninja saga token hack 2012

 Ninja Saga New Token Hack Cheat Engine (November 11, 2011)
NBTools :
1. Charles qvemot gadmowerashi
2. Cheat Engine 5.6.1 qvemot gadmowerashi
3. Firefox

Dont abuse! Use at your own risk! limit 2000 Tokens to avoid detection.

1st Instructions
1. Go into Ninja Saga.
2. Wait for roulette, don't do roulette yet!
3. Open Cheat Engine and Target "plugin-container.exe".
4. First Scan "Click here to view the code"
5. Right Click The 2nd Address and Click "Disassemble This Memory Region"
6. Right Click "add eax,01" and Click the "Change Register at This Location"
7. Click the small box at the right side of EAX then click the long box and Put "Click here to view the code"
8. Still dont do roulette yet, go to 2nd instructions.

2nd Instructions
1. Open Charles & set BreakPoint to
2. Activate Break Point.
3. Now click on button to start roulette!
4. It should activate the breakpoint and show you buttons from charles, and give you option to execute.
5. Execute 2 times, on the 3rd one open edit request tab & choose AMF.
6. Change values to your like.
7. Execute everything from there.
8. Win PVP | PVP hack  <-- Link
9. Refresh!
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